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Philosophy sucks

Permalink 08/01/07 at 08:07:02 am, by Ed, 619 words   English (US)
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I tell you, it sometimes sucks being a secular humanist who is somewhat versed in basic philosophy. First, you think, "Why am I here?" But then you're all like, "O, for the love of...that's cliché, and not what I meant. But since I'm thinking it to myself, it doesn't make a difference how I word it." For others' enlightenment, however, I shall clarify, that it means, "Why does anything exist at all? Why existence? Why not noting at all?"

Then after you think that, you think, "Well, here I am. So what? What's the point of existence?" Being a secular humanist, the only teleological purpose I can have must come from other humans, but we are all so individually short-lived, it makes it seem worthless to bother, doesn't it? Any purpose for my existence that I can think of, I respond with, "well, so what?"

For example: My purpose could be to create great invention X that will save the human race from certain extinction. So what? What effect does that have? Other people will live longer, ergo the human race can survive longer, but then what? Why do I care? I am not being selfish, I'm just wondering... why does anything make a difference. If I were to believe in some form of supreme being, I would likely believe in some god*-given purpose, whether or not I knew what it was. But then, once that purpose is fulfilled... so what then? Even if I were a non-atheist, I would still have to ask myself "well, so what?" for what happens at some point, whether that's immediately or after I die.

And that's the big picture. What is the point of doing anything? What is the point of anybody existing? There isn't one. However, since we are here, we might as well make the best of it. That's the best I can come up with. But then, why are so many people not making the best of it? Why does the government make it so very difficult with all of its laws and rules and regulations to "make the best of it"? If I want to drink alcohol at age 16, why don't they let me? And why do they then let huge corporations, who inherently do not have a conscious mind, make the best of it for themselves at the expense of many, many (i.e. about six and a half billion) people who do have a conscious mind, and who should be living it up?

Boy, don't I just sound like an anarchist? Without purpose, there is nothing to keep me in line. No reason to or not do anything other than what I truly want to do. And when I'm done doing whatever I want, why does the government, and people everywhere, stop me from just saying, "well, that was fun. Now I'll go kill myself." Not that I would, of course, but when you're done having fun, and you no longer are enjoying your conscious mind, your self-given teleological purpose has run its course, and so there is no need for your continued existence, because no matter what anybody else says about what you could do... "so what?"

Philosophers are very depressing people.

If you can come up with some other purpose for existence, or for me to continue to do things I don't want to do, to which I would not reply, "so what?" or, "who cares?" then you are a greater philosopher than I. Indeed, a greater person than I, because you have then found a true reason for existence, an answer to my very first question, whether or not I meant it to be so phrased.

* - Insert deity of choice


Comment from: Jesus H. Christ [Visitor]
Hello Ed,

After looking up on testicular cancer for a couple hours being the hypocondriac that I am. I decided to search for someone that can relate to my mental status. So I type in philosophy sucks on google and came across your page. Though a longer chain of events, including talking to doctors about schizophrenia, I have come to the same observation that you have. There is no point. In the beginning the thought that "ignorance is bliss" discusted me, and now I want it more than ever but it just isn't happening. I feel that I started to question things and hate this place at a young age, and when I was 18 I had felt my conciousness. I was just wondering how you are coping with it??? People say that drugs open your mind... I feel that they set it back to that state of blissful ignorance. There must be a better way.


Jesus H. Christ

p.s. my boys are doing just fine incase you were wondering
10/28/08 @ 20:18
Comment from: John [Visitor] Email
Well it's 2009, and you wrote this blog in 2007, so I hope you have found meaning to your life. Some philosophers are depressing people, but it's founders were not. That old saying "Philosophy is the love of wisdom" is the key to philosophy. Now the existence in life is something that has been talked about and debated throughout time. Christians believe that we exist to worship God so we can live in Heaven in the afterlife. Philosophers believe that we need to educate ourselves to gain wisdom HP points. Whatever it may be, life is what YOU make of it. I study philosophy, but I am not a philosopher. I come up with my own ideas, my own views, and if they happen to be what a dead philosopher might believe, then I'll study that philosopher.

So while you're seeking answers the best thing to do is just live. Find what you like to do. If your mind wonders to different things, choose one as a career and keep others as hobbies. Don't read books by philosophers if you're seeking the meaning of life. You'll just get angry and hate philosophy.
05/01/09 @ 01:35

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