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My name on my underwear

Permalink 03/24/08 at 05:39:44 am, by Ed, 606 words   English (US)
Categories: Dreams of a phenytoin addict

In my drunken stupor of morning sickness, which isn't really that, but whatever you call it, I have to write this down now before I forget it in my drunken stupor of mid-afternoon sickness, which I usually just refer to as alertness.

My dream last night took place mainly at the Renaissance festival. I was there with at least Melody, Kevin Meyer, Joe, Jake, Ben, and other people who were too indistinct to remember. The first thing that happened was that I was going through a food line, and Ben was directly in front of me picking up mashed potatoes, and I then cut behind him in front of a stranger and picked up a large chicken leg (or some other kind of leg. It was large like the Renaissance festival, but crunchy like KFC) with mashed potatoes already set on the top of the ball part of the leg. I also got corn and gravy. Then I got to the checkout and they carded me... of course! I didn't have time to get my card out, so I left, without buying my food.

I came back later and said something along the lines of "I was here a bit earlier and I was gonna buy some-" and she cut me off incredulously: "Yeah, I've heard the story before."

"No," I said, "I have my real ID right here." I pulled out my wallet, and took out that picture of me from when I was in 2nd grade, and handed it to her, only then realizing that wasn't my ID. Flustered, I tried again. Another picture of me in 2nd grade! Dangit. She was getting annoyed, the line was getting backed up, and she was about to tell me to move it, but I finally got my drivers license out and handed it to her. She examined it for awhile, and finally said, "Alright, it looks good enough." to which I replied, "Yeah, I have a good printer." Suddenly we had begun an under-the-radar transaction of information. "I'll remember that for later," she said, as though she may want a fake ID some day.

So she handed me my plate, which they had kept in the kitchen thankfully, and my copy of Guitar Hero for the PC, and my desktop computer, which they had back there as well, all in a plastic bag. I lumbered around with it for awhile, looking at other video games and saw some mid-40's guy playing Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii without a dance pad, but instead holding a wiimote in his hand. I was continually looking in my bag, wondering if Jake would be annoyed, and if you can hook up a PC guitar to a Wii so he could play 4-player Guitar Hero (he already had 3). I was also hiding the fact that I had gotten a white guitar rather than the special "20" guitar.

Shortly after this, I heard, "Hey, Death." I turned around, because I used to be called Death in High School, of course, and saw Kevin Meyer (who in real life I have not talked to in four years) sitting there (he was the one who called out) and all of the other people I came with. He explained something terribly funny and coincidental about how everybody was just talking about death and then, there I was!

Melody looked down into her purse while explaining that we probably needed to leave pretty soon. Melody, I'm sorry to tell you this, but you have a prominent bald spot on the top-right of your head (your top-left, I suppose). At least you do in my dream.


Comment from: Joe Marty [Visitor] · http://dittlebittle.blogspot.com/
HHheeeeheheheh. That's a funny dream. Especially the part where they hand you your food... and Guitar Hero... and your entire desktop computer... all in one bag. Heheh. Seriously.

Question: Soooo.... do your underwear say Death? Or what?
03/25/08 @ 11:32
Comment from: cpages [Visitor]
yeah, what about the underwear?
02/11/10 @ 23:30

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