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Well, the deadline for RSVP was yesterday. If you haven't done it please, please, please do it. Even if you can't make it just let us know. It's worse to not know whether someone is coming or not and they end up showing up and we don't have food for them. We are having a sit down served dinner and we need to know accurate numbers. So, if you are on this website, I'm assuming that you are going to RSVP right now. You can come back to the website after you are done RSVP-ing and read the rest of the posts.

Now, be glad that our RSVPs didn't have this on the card although I find it amusing.

Maybe we should have sent the card like this. Anywho, Please RSVP if you haven't done it yet. Thanks!


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Hey Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we are now home owners! We (actually Ed did all the signing) signed all the closing papers yesterday. We had a busy day but we got a lot done. We even got the locks changed and I started to scrape wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom.

Sadly, there is no Mr. Fix-it that will readily come to the house. That is going to be very different for us. We're used to calling down to the office or calling a landlord and asking them to come fix it and now it's all up to us. Also, our new Mr. Fix-it will be my dad because he is my handyman! Love you dad!


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Well, yesterday we got the marriage license. It only took us about half an hour to get it and the Hennipen Services building wasn't that busy. We can get married anywhere in the state of Minnesota as long as we do it before November 19th, 2009. I think we should be good there. We're planning on being married by the end of June.

Now, another comic because I enjoy making light of the situation!

We should be married before ours expires!


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Well, it's been a while but a lot has been happening. This is a busy week for us here in Eden Prairie. Today we are going to go apply for our marriage license,on Thursday we are going to close on our new house and on Saturday is my bridal shower in Truman (at 9:30am... at the Truman Church of Christ... if your interested).

I have been packing for the last week or so. This is going to be the last move for quite a while because we have so much stuff but we don't have enough furniture to fill our new house... I guess it's time to go shopping!I will be starting the projects at the new home. The big project on my schedule is the wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom... seriously, who uses wallpaper? I would also like to paint the upstairs bathroom, downstairs bathroom, downstairs bedroom, and downstairs family room. That's a lot of painting but I guess I have some time on my hands. I will be be pulling the wallpaper down on Friday, if you're reading this and interested in helping, I will be at the new house.

The wedding is in 6 weeks and we still need more RSVPs! So far we have 45 confirmed guests and about 25 who have declined. That's not very many compared to how many we invited. So, if you're still reading this, and you know you haven't RSVP'd, please do so! There is online RSVP available, just click the link on the right and use the name/code at the bottom of the RSVP card! It's easy and Ed would love it because he created the program.

Well, I'm really all over the place in the post so I better go so I can get my thoughts in order. I'm going to leave you with this comic since my shower is coming up.

I like Ketchup... but not that much

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