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I recently "voluntarily attended" a wedding. In a church. That was Catholic. With God, and stuff. What this has lead me to believe is that Catholics are the addicts of Christianity.

I don't mean that solely vis-a-vis their devout commitment. I mean that also because they "take communion" practically every other day, what with all the weddings and funerals and baseball games and baptisms and new popes and old popes and on and on. You might say they were Cathoholics. But then you'd just be wishing Pope's wrath on you. Thou shalt not get waaay too smashed and drunk dial thy ex, and all that. Oh, it's in there. Trust me. Number eight, or something.

The church itself had at least seven different statues of Jesus on, carrying, or generally near a cross. There were stained-glass windows depicting various scenes like Jesus on a cross, Jesus being crucified, Jesus shopping at Target for Dr. Scholls, Jesus rising from the dead...

Anyway, I decided that that sort of Gaudy wedding is a little over the top. (Hah! You see what I did there?) There wasn't a paragraph gone by (theoretically speaking; of course most people don't speak in paragraphs) without mention of God, how holy the bond of marriage is in the eyes of the lord, or how a good wife is a good servant of God. I found some of the readings rather amusingly dated, actually. It reminded me of the 1950's "Good Wife's Guide".

I think I'd rather not try to shove that sort of thing down people's throats at my wedding.

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