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Well, now that the count down is on and there are about 160 days to the wedding, we have been working on our registries. As of now, the Target one is pretty much done, I might add things from time to time as the seasons change but for the most part it's pretty much done. If you want to check it out, there is a link to the right under Wedding Info which is right above the calendar.

I hope to add another link over there which will be our JC Penny registry. I have signed up for it but I still have to go and play with the special registry gun. I want to put new sheets/bedding and bathroom things (i.e. towels, bath coordinates, shower curtain, mats) on that list.

You might be wondering why we're having two registries. I was originally going to go with just Target but after talking with my sister-in-laws they told me that I should register with another store as well. As most of you know the wedding is going to be in Truman, MN. Truman is very small and doesn't have any large stores in it. The nearest name store is 10 miles away in Fairmont. The closest Target to Truman is in Mankato and that's 45 miles away. I don't think it's fair to make all of our guests from that area drive all the way to Mankato to pick up a gift when they probably go to Fairmont on a weekly or biweekly basis. There is a JC Penny in the small Fairmont mall and most of my family is most likely going to buy from there. I will eventually get things put on that list.

If you have any questions about our registries just let us, mainly me, know. I can answer any questions you have about it.

We should consider registering at some of the places below!

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