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As I sit here all alone, so very alone, Bridget and her mother are down in Truman starting to actually put the invitations together.

We printed all of the main cards on my brother's printer on Thursday (another story; in short: I have always disliked printers). I cut them up later that night (171 of them, 3 to a page), and now Bridget took all of those, all of the envelopes, and some other decorative paper, and they're hard at work stuffing one into the other.

...I hope they don't get it backwards. That would be awkward.


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As most of you probably know (since the usual readers are family) Ed and I put an offer on a house a few weeks ago and it was accepted! We had our inspection and everything went well. We filled out our mortgage papers and that went well also. Now we are waiting on May 21st so we can sign our papers and move.

I know some people probably don't think it's wise to buy a house before marriage but it was the right time for us and our lease on this apartment ends 3 days after the wedding. We're going to be in the Caribbean so we have to be out before then. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. It is 1,600 square feet and has a 2 car tuck under garage. It also has a wood fireplace and a beautiful deck.

It's a beautiful house and here a few pictures to show you!

Front of the house, it is a twin home (duplex)

Side yard

Upstairs living room, it's a bi-split house

Downstairs living room

Kitchen with newer appliances

View of dining room and living room from kitchen

Master bedroom

We will be working on moving in from May 21st up until the wedding. I'm hoping it doesn't take that long to move but it does give us time to get things done. There are a couple of rooms that I would like to paint and I want to have that done before we move in so I don't have to smell paint while I'm trying to sleep. All are welcome to come visit us once we get back from our honeymoon and we are all settled in!


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Hey everyone! Happy Valentine's Day a day early. I'm excited to say that we got our wedding bands today which made me really excited. It's a great V-Day gift to ourselves (even though we can't wear them for another 134 days... but who's counting??) Okay, so I am but I have a lot of things to do! The days seem to be going faster and faster and soon enough it will be June. I really just wanted to share and I thought how can I share without posting a wonderful photo of the rings we chose.

I'm so excited!


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We have hit the 5 month mark and the 150 day mark within 24 hours. Yesterday marked the 5 month mark until the wedding, today marks the 150 day mark until the wedding. There is still a lot to do. We have started to work on invitations because we have decided to make them ourselves. There is a lot of paper cutting, paper folding, paper printing, and paper gluing ahead of us. I'm waiting on a call from the Paper Depot and then I will go up there and I will have to do all the die-cutting. Die-cutting is where I will run large sheets of paper through this press and it will cut and score all the invites and then I will have to fold and glue in the correct spots.

We have decided to do a pocket fold and I think they are going to look really neat when we're done. Even though I don't have a picture of a finish invite yet I do have a picture of our starting point.

We have been working on these in our living room on our old cedar chest. Probably not the best place to be cutting paper but it works for us. I will just tell everyone the lighting is better in the living room. That's a good excuse, right?


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Well, now that the count down is on and there are about 160 days to the wedding, we have been working on our registries. As of now, the Target one is pretty much done, I might add things from time to time as the seasons change but for the most part it's pretty much done. If you want to check it out, there is a link to the right under Wedding Info which is right above the calendar.

I hope to add another link over there which will be our JC Penny registry. I have signed up for it but I still have to go and play with the special registry gun. I want to put new sheets/bedding and bathroom things (i.e. towels, bath coordinates, shower curtain, mats) on that list.

You might be wondering why we're having two registries. I was originally going to go with just Target but after talking with my sister-in-laws they told me that I should register with another store as well. As most of you know the wedding is going to be in Truman, MN. Truman is very small and doesn't have any large stores in it. The nearest name store is 10 miles away in Fairmont. The closest Target to Truman is in Mankato and that's 45 miles away. I don't think it's fair to make all of our guests from that area drive all the way to Mankato to pick up a gift when they probably go to Fairmont on a weekly or biweekly basis. There is a JC Penny in the small Fairmont mall and most of my family is most likely going to buy from there. I will eventually get things put on that list.

If you have any questions about our registries just let us, mainly me, know. I can answer any questions you have about it.

We should consider registering at some of the places below!

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