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I just wanted to post quickly that today is our 1 year anniversary of our engagement. I can't believe that we've been engaged for a year already. The time has gone by so fast. To mark this one year anniversary I decided to post a picture along with it. Enjoy!


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So, after I took Ed to work today, I stopped by Cub Foods because I had a coupon that was going to expire soon and I needed to use it. Well, I was walking around and decided to go and look at the seasonal aisle. This means when it's Halloween there's Halloween candy and at Christmas there's Christmas candy. Now that it's after Christmas it's Valentine's candy. I didn't expect to find what I did. I found green M&Ms. I was not expecting to find any there. I mean, green is not a traditional Valentine's day color. I figured they were going to be mint M&Ms or a bag that isn't all green. Well, they are all green and milk chocolate!

So, now we have all the chocolate we need for our favors. All we need now is boxes or pouches so we can package the chocolate along with ribbon and a thank you note to our guests. As of now, we have 40 bags of M&Ms in our freezer. It may seem like a lot but if we go by the serving amount on the package, we will get roughly 300 favors, which is more then we are inviting but we can put them out for people to take at the dance. I rather have plenty of extra rather than not enough. Below is a photo of our freezer. There wasn't enough room in the drawer to put the green ones so I had to clear out the top and place the green ones in the bottom of the deep freeze. Here's a photo of all our M&Ms.

I hope everyone likes milk chocolate M&Ms!


When Worlds Collide: Part II

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I'm not sure if this should go on the Wedding blog or my blog. So I put it on both.

The short version: Bridget and I were dress shopping for the wedding. Wedding ensues.

The long version: I was playing Metroid Corruption 3 last night, and the area outside the dress shop looks an awful lot like the Space Pirate Mining Facility. Michelle Obama was outside the store to greet us and bring us in. We stood in line, several girls in front of us. They all seemed to be part of the same group, as they all left at once. We got to the desk and discussed some options for dresses. None of them were white, and absolutely none of them covered more than half the body.

After the lady at the desk came back with the first dress for Bridget to try on, she put it on (with some difficulty) and liked it so much, we decided to get it. So Barack Obama (the owner) came out and we went over the paperwork. Turns out you need a president(-elect)ial pardon to get married now.

Then we got to the wedding. It was in a gigantic empty barn. I'm not sure who, or what, the minister was. We were never actually at the altar (there being no altar). And there were certainly no pews. It was more like... Woodstock, or something. Not the performing, but the audience, just laying out on the grass, not necessarily paying attention to what's going on.

Bridget had a large, maroon air mattress out on her side of the aisle and was laying on it with her mom and some friends. I convinced them to drag it to the center, near the aisle, so that I could at least be near my side of the aisle if I was going to lay on the air mattress with her and her friends. I wanted to feel accepted as in her group of friends, after all.

I don't think there was actually any ceremony. Just a bunch of our family and friends laying in a large field under a barn roof, talking.

You know how strange other customs are... You do some ritual they're really giddy about, like place a kumquat on the grave of some old guy's favorite cousin, and suddenly you've got seven wives. Well, by our customs, the meeting of two families wherein nobody gets killed is close enough to a wedding that we could now claim tax-exempt status. Barack Obama told me so.


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Well, we are under the 200 day mark.. YIKES! There is a lot to do yet. I pretty much have all of my address right now (just missing a few more, I have the names and which city but not the exact address) and I'm working on addressing my save the date postcards. If you've never heard of a save the date, it's a piece of mail that you get before the formal invitation to let you know when the wedding is going to be so you can start thinking about coming. I initially wasn't going to do save the dates but I got a good deal on them and I decided since it is wedding season and the weekend before the 4th so people are probably going to be traveling. Also, we have a lot of family and friends that do not live in Minnesota so it's a little harder to plan wedding travel arrangements. This is what the back of the save the date looks like:

Nothing to fancy, but I think they get our point across. Everyone can consider it a Christmas card from us! I hope you all enjoy them. I'm not going to tell you what the front looks like, you will just have to wait until it comes in the mail.


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So, we have decided what we are going to do with favors. Ed came up with the idea of M&Ms because they are easy and our monogram is going to be an M, which is perfect because every piece of candy will be marked with our wonderful initial!

So, anyway, while we were at Target a few weeks ago we saw bags of just pink M&Ms. We thought that was fabulous! We figured if we bought pink M&Ms this season (they are out because of breast cancer awareness month. Which is weird because why wouldn't they choose February? February is a very pink month. Anyway, that's off the topic...)and buy green ones come March during St. Patty's Day, we would be set.

These are the ones we got but without the peanuts

So, I went and bought several bags, and when I say several I mean 20 bags. Right now they are sitting in the bottom of my freezer and we are not allowed to touch them. We got 14oz of M&Ms for $2 versus ordering special colors on line for $6.99 for 7oz. I think we got the better deal here.

Now we just have to hold onto these bags of M&Ms for 8 months and hope the drawer to my freezer doesn't freeze shut!

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