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In response to: Finish Him!

cpages [Visitor]
What - ?
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In response to: The New Color of Love

DMarty [Visitor]
Arrrg, Matey. (i.e., 'it looks like a pirate's chest, filled with chocolate-y treasures!') Great find.
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In response to: Cathoholics

Bridget [Member]
Hi Katie,

First of all I want to thank you for coming to our website. I see that you are upset by what my fiance has posted. I think that something that needs to be addressed here is his humor. That is his sense of humor. He's just trying to be funny. You shouldn't take it too seriously. We are getting married outside, by my hometown minister. If it rains, we are going to have our wedding in my hometown church a couple blocks away from the outdoor site. We are still having the traditional ceremony except it's different than a Catholic ceremony. It's only going to be about 20-30 minutes and there is no communion and congregational singing. This was the first time that both of us have been to a Catholic wedding ceremony. He is not religious, so to sit through my cousin's wedding for an hour was an accomplishment for him.

Please don't be offended by something he has said here. He didn't mean to offend just to have some humor. Those of us who know him know what he is like and see the funny side of what he is saying.
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In response to: Cathoholics

Katie [Visitor]
Hey I was led here via facebook, I'm on weddingbook too :) I am Catholic, but I wouldn't consider it wrong to want to get married in the presence of God and vow to live your lives together. I don't see how you are arguing the wrongness of the Catholic faith at all. What's wrong with not drinking till you get drunk? I don't find a problem with it, saves me a lot of sick sick mornings I think. I don't believe it's gaudy to get married in a nice Church, only traditional. Seems to me like you are anti-tradition (which is fine in it's own right). I don't feel also that I am "shoving my beliefs down other peoples throats" it's simply what I feel like doing with my life and how I want my wedding...I'm not sure if when I get up on the alter I'll say "oh ya and when we finish our vows, you all have to believe what I do"...really I'm confused and a little hurt by what you have said. Care to explain how beliefs were shoved down your throat? Other than the fact that God was discussed in someone else's marriage?
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In response to: Freezer Full of Favors

DMarty [Visitor]
Hey, here's another idea... why don't you just get like 100 lbs of M & Ms and pick out the green "keepers" and eat the rest? THAT would be fun! (It reminds me of the joke about the artist riders, when the artist insists that they want M & Ms in their dressing room, but someone has to pick out all the green ones. They refuse to perform if they find a green M & M)
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In response to: Grassy Shoes

Bri [Visitor]
Man, I love those shoes!
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In response to: Wedding Blog

Vafini [Visitor]
I love the ring. I'll take two and one pair of the grass shoes.

Vafini (ask Ed)
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In response to: Grassy Shoes

DM [Visitor]
LOVE the shoes! They are really sweet. And color-coordinated with the dress. Wow!
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In response to: T-Minus 365 days

DMarty [Visitor]
That would be T-340 today. Not that anyone is counting. Or know that this represents 48 1/2 weeks. I'm sure nobody cares. La ti da ti da ti da...
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In response to: The date is set, other nuts to follow

David [Visitor]
Cool! I will put it on my calendar (tentatively) ;-)
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In response to: New Apartment

CPage [Visitor]
I like seeing you guys. Hope you got home all right.

Your webpage title is dark and tragic, besides being gracky...I recommend a change to ...anything else. kind, rewind. H
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In response to: Pictures

dmarty [Visitor]
The photo is beautiful! Congratulations! When do you want to have it sent to GR Herald Review?
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In response to: Weddings Galore

Ah, beautiful Djibouti. I wrote a National Anthem for them once. It goes like this:

Djibouti, Djibouti
Shake, Shake Djibouti

And then there's some VP...
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In response to: Welcome to my blog

I agree, it would be weird for people to come to your wedding if you don't know Bridget. I will take that into consideration... heh.
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In response to: The wedding is finally over!

David [Visitor]
Bridget, you look absolutely LOVELY in the dress! Congrats!
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In response to: The wedding is finally over!

David [Visitor]
What??? The wedding is OVER?!?!?!? I just found out about the ENGAGEMENT! I have GOT to check my email more often!
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